Property Management

Welcome to Co & Co Executive Realty Property Management Services.

We service all suburbs in Perth Western Australia specializing in the Northern Corridor.
Our Office is located in Heathridge where we continually strive to give our clients, Landlords and Tenants, the most professional of Property Management service available.

Co & Co Executive Realty is committed to providing the highest possible level of service and satisfaction. We do pride ourselves on providing prompt and effective feedback to our clients at all times and our goal is to protect and enhance the value of the assets our clients place in our care.

After securing a quality tenant, we will provide you with ongoing feedback and photos taken by us when we do your property inspections. We will provide a written report and provide details of any matters requiring preventative maintenance. Our Property Management software ensures we are made aware of any late tenant rent payments enabling us to follow up immediately and therefore provide our owners with a steady flow of income.

On occasions there may be problems that may arise but we endeavour to provide our owners and tenants with positive solutions, feedback and swift action.

Our Property Management charges are kept to a minimum as we do not have the large overheads that most companies have. We have set in place office practices to keep our operational costs down to a minimum and we are therefore able to pass these savings back to our clients. In fact, if our owners place multiple properties in our care, additional discounts apply.

If you own a property and would like more information on our Property Management Services or costs, please contact Jenny Coleman – Principal Licensee / Property Manager on (08) 94029920 or email

We look forward to “Working for You.”


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Talk to your property manager about viewing your tenancy details online. Our portal gives you online access to important information about your rental.